An Interview with Amy Tunstall

An Interview with Amy Tunstall

My name is Amy Tunstall an Adventure Photographer from Southern Ontario. Although, I now reside on the incredibly beautiful Vancouver Island. Over the past six years, I’ve used human power exploration to navigate around the world ex. long-distance, and bike packing.

I use these trips as an educational tool to promote mental well-being and showcase the impact humans are having on our natural environment. Each expedition ranges between 1-4 months in length, and throughout the duration I work with a specific charity to help generate additional income.

Q. What words, sayings, or key phrases do you learn when traveling to a new country? which foreign countries did you visit?
A. I always try to practise the basics, asking for food, water, accommodation and try my best to learn the mannerisms within that specific culture. Foreign Countries I have visited include Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, England, France, Spain and New Zealand but I’ve also extensively traveled across Canada and the US.
Q. What is your process for selecting a photo to capture? What is most important to consider while capturing the shot? Why?
A. An element that has helped me produce better images is being conscious of the lighting and using objects in the foreground to add dimension to the photograph. But, sometimes the best images are sporadic with very little planning.
Q. Where/How can we find your work(s)?
A. Most of my photographs can be found on either Instagram or Facebook, however, you may have come across my images reposted by brands such as GoproUk, MerrelUK, Cotopaxi, Sawyer, Expedia, Wiggle, WomenWhoExplore, Tourism Nicaragua, Mountainwarehouse.

Q. What kind of picture do you like to shoot, and which ones do you avoid? Why do you avoid it or them?
A. I’ve photographed a lot of adventure-based images, usually containing people. Over the past few years, I’ve shifted to photograph more fine art images, a lot of scenery and wildlife.

Q. What has influenced your capturing eye or style the most? Which photographer has influenced you the most?
A. My favourite photographers are those who are trying to create change through their images or who bring awareness to dire global situations. A few photographers I truly admire are Cristina Mittermeier, Ami Vitale, Margaret Bourke-White, and Carolyn Cole.
Q. In your travels, have you come across a non-profit charity/cause worth highlighting? If so, what was it called? If not, what cause is worthy of support in your opinion?
A. Charities I have worked with have included The Rainforest Trust Fund, The Niagara Suicide Coalition, and the Canadian Mental Health association. Since mental health is something that has directly impacted my life, it is something I tend to gravitate towards. However, there is an abundance of charities globally doing incredible things for conservation, education, and human rights.
Q. What makes for a good picture?
A. The best pictures are those that evoke emotion. Photographs that make you feel, images that create change and have a lasting impact.

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