An Interview with Felly Day

An Interview with Felly Day

Felly Day is the owner and CEO of Felly Day VA, a digital content agency for online coaches. She also creates and educates new entrepreneurs on how to successfully and sustainably start their service-based businesses through her FB group Confidently Free.

Felly has been travelling off and on for the last 10 years and became a full digital nomad at the end of 2019. With Covid closing borders, she's been travelling around Mexico for all of 2020 with hopes of heading to Europe for 2021.

Q. What words, sayings, or key phrases do you learn when traveling to a new country - especially if that country speaks a foreign language?
A. Hello, how are you, please, excuse me, how much, numbers 1-15 and thank you. I've done it in Indonesia, Thailand and now Mexico. 

Q. What makes for a good picture?
A. I like a frame, generally, my pictures involve people but if there aren't people, I try to frame it with a tree or bridge or mountain so there's depth.

Q. Where/How can we find your work(s)?
A: Either or are the best ways to connect with me.

Q. What is your muse? What would you say your eye is looking for when you are out and about? Do you know you captured something special right away or only during/after the editing process?
A. I'm inspired by so many things! I always want contrasting colours in nature but also love colonial buildings with their beautiful doors and gates. I can tell right away. If i don't love it, I don't even edit it.

Q. What travel-based tips and tricks would you like to share?
A. Sleep masks are underrated, noise-cancelling headphones are worth the price. I prefer to ask for recommendations for everything, so I won't really book anything before I get there so I can hear from people who've done it and then make my decisions. And if you've never stayed in a hostel, do it. The private rooms are great if you don't like sharing your space because the atmosphere is always amazing.

Q. In your travels, have you come across a non-profit charity/cause worth highlighting? If so, what was it called? If not, what cause is worthy of support in your opinion?
A. I like to be on the ground and talk with the people. I can't say I've worked with many charities but I always buy second hand and have found some pretty cool women-owned bars in Mexico.

Q. Where is your favorite destination? What was the best and worst thing you saw there?
A. I think every traveler gets asked this and I'll never answer it. I've been around the world and love each place for different reasons. Indonesia (outside of Bali) is amazing and I want to spend months slow travelling, Mexico is massive and diverse and culturally stunning, I've barely seen my own country Canada and Europe is where I want to end up later in life so I'll never get bored.

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