An Interview with Francesco Unargo

An Interview with Francesco Unargo

Hi nice to meet you, I'm Francesco Ungaro, a self-taught photographer, because you never stop learning! I'm not a pro, but I'd like to become one. In the meanwhile I'm a strategy & presentation consultant and a happy teacher. I started shooting when I was 8 with a Kodak Instamatic: I have always loved the idea of catching and freezing those little transient expressions on the faces of people.

I have always loved to be behind the camera and become a 'beholder of reality'. Recently, I started focusing on nature and macro photograph - from human nature to Nature. I soon hope to start travelling again; to go see and embrace the World's Wonders I still miss.

Q. What words, sayings, or key phrases do you learn when traveling to a new country - especially if that country speaks a foreign language?
A. Normally the basics, to hail and thank people and of course the names of the food, plates, ingredients.

Q. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
A. There is no perfection, just trial, error(s), and what you deeply like.

Q. What photographic gear would you say you never leave home without?
A. My Fujifilm. I started with a X-T1, then a X-H1 and now the X-T4. I really love the Fujifilm philosophy of photography. Speaking about objectives I have 2 favourites: XF 8-16mm and 7artisans 35mm.

Q. What is your process for selecting a shot to capture? What is the most important thing to consider while capturing? why?
A. Everything that grabs my attention: a reflection, a colour, a detail. It's a gut thing, like a sensation, "that will be great to shoot." The most important thing is to try. If you feel it was worthy to be caught, get it. Sometimes I keep and store imperfect shots because they are witnesses of a moment.

Q. What photographic style/technique would you say is least like yours? What sets your style apart? Even though it is the complete opposite from yours, what makes that technique awesome?
A. I don't like HDR pics, too fake, but it is able to underline every pixel!  I don't think to have a "real" style yet, I'm trying to become more and more natural and authentic.

Q. In your travels, have you come across a non-profit charity/cause worth highlighting? If so, what was it called? If not, what cause is worthy of support in your opinion?
A. No. Right now I think it's crucial to support any organization struggling for animal protection or climate change solutions.

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