An Interview with Joe Velzian

An Interview with Joe Velzian

I was seven when I received my first film camera in the early 2000’s. How life has changed as the decades have flown by, but one thing remains the same and that's my passion for capturing those unforgettable moments.

It was not until my early 20’s when I started to be recognized as a creative photog, enabling what was once a hobby to be transformed into a decent cash flow. What started as shooting twenty firsts, soon progressed into weddings and other events. 

Much like the general population, travel has been a passion of mine since that very first flight, along with the experience of being completely immersed in a foreign culture. Wherever I go, be it local or international, there will always be a Canon slung over my shoulder, ready to capture the unforgettable moments we all live for.

Q. What words, sayings, or key phrases do you learn when traveling to a new country - especially if that country speaks a foreign language?
A. Sorry, I only speak English and this is the only sentence I know in (insert language)

Q. How do you ensure you improve or are sharpening your photographic eye?
A. Continuous practice - Shooting only in the golden hours and being detail orientated in Lightroom.

Q. Where/How can we find your work(s)?
A. Much of my work never gets published as it's for private clients, however, when I get time to shoot for enjoyment, Instagram is where you will find me.

Q. What has influenced your capturing eye or style the most? Which photographer has influenced you the most?
A. Although I love the work of travel photographers such as Sam Kolder, I tend more to follow photographers you see from National Geographic.

Q. What travel-based tips and tricks would you like to share?
A. Never be in a hurry to get on the plane. If you get on last, you have more of a chance to secure that entire row that's still free. You know, the one everyone rushes for once the seatbelt sign turns off.

Q. In your travels, have you come across a non-profit charity/cause worth highlighting? If so, what was it called? If not, what cause is worthy of support in your opinion?
A. Traveling can be a real eye opener to poverty you may have experienced before. Do your research before dropping any cash into charities that promise to help local communities and schools. Be warned that scams are everywhere, and your money likely won't go where you wanted it to.

Q. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other hobby photographer?
A. Professionals are under more pressure to perform while also making a living.

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