An Interview with Manveer Sandhu

An Interview with Manveer Sandhu

My name is Manveer, a Punjabi living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I feel lucky to be living just an hour away from the Canadian Rockies. I started photography when I bought a Canon 60D on a boxing day sale in 2013 and have been taking photos ever since. When I think about photography, my goal is to capture places and moments in a way that my photographs motivate people to travel and take in the beauty that nature has to offer.

If you would have asked me - in 2010 - what I would be doing in 10 years, my answer probably would had been working as an aeronautical engineer at a prestigious institute. But we change with time and so do our interests and goals! As of now, I work at a corporate office as a software developer and I am in the mountains taking photos every other chance that I get. And that’s what make me the happiest!!

I strive to be a full-time travel and lifestyle Photographer by next year and this gets me more excited than anything. To sum up, I don’t want to miss a moment of the definite life we have, so I want to capture it all.

Q. What words, sayings, or key phrases do you learn when traveling to a new country - especially if that country speaks a foreign language? Which countries have you visited?

A. I haven't travelled to a lot of countries yet but when I was in Leh, India in 2017, everyone spoke a different language than me and I made sure, I was able to say hello to everyone in their native language. Other than that I try to translate as much as possible and find a local friend that speaks any of the languages I know (Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English).

Q. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
A. I wish I knew to spend more time on composition and looking for the right light rather then trying to take as many photos of the place and then selecting 1 good one among thousands.

Q. Where/How can we find your work(s)?
A. Currently I just post on Instagram @manveersandhu13, but I am working on my Website and will have one ready by end of the year.

Q. What travel-based tips and tricks would you like to share?
A. Try to know the locals and ask them to get to the best spots around you and the best times to get there. Carry your contact cards and exchange them so that you can keep in touch with lovely locals you met

Q. What is your process for selecting a shot to capture? What is the most important thing to consider while capturing? why?
A. For me I want to capture a photo that I have not seen before which is a hard job and I struggle with this a lot. The goal is to show the photo from eyes and perspective.

Q. In your travels, have you come across a non-profit charity/cause worth highlighting? If so, what was it called? If not, what cause is worthy of support in your opinion?
A. I have not come across a lot of charities while travelling, but Khalsa Aid is one charity I want to support a lot! They help out people in need all over the world. Their biggest work has been in warzones - by getting people food and shelter - and will continue to help those that struggle so they can get out of the horrible situation they are in.

Q. What photographic style/technique would you say is least like yours? What sets your style apart? Even though it is the complete opposite from yours, what makes that technique awesome?
A. In studio shots and planned shots would be least like mine, My plan is no plan when I am shooting I try to look for places and perspective that might not have been explored before.

Q. What has influenced your capturing eye or style the most? Which photographer has influenced you the most?
A. I would say my friend Harpreet Singh from India has influenced me the most. My photographs tend to be vibrant and warm and I guess that is how I see the world.

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