About us

Our Paper Promises provides travel prints captured in your favourite destinations by bold creators.

Each print sold gives back to underprivileged communities around the world and leaves you feeling warm and inspired for your next trip.

How we do it

Our Paper Promises is a community of travellers giving back to the people and places that gave us meaningful experiences on our journeys.

Together we are creating a ripple effect of kindness and giving by donating a portion of all sales made from the prints contributed by our travellers to different nonprofits around the world. We will spark new conversations by changing the charitable cause every month - giving support and awareness to the nonprofits.

Our Paper Promises honours the time and skill that goes into capturing the images that delight our customers. All of our creators are compensated fairly for their contributions. The rest of the profits are reinvested into the business ensuring sustainability as the community grows and support more nonprofits in need.