Q: Why buy from Our Paper Promises?
We spend our days and nights, hell our lives, taking care of ourselves and the ones we love - sometimes we forget there is a whole world out there! There are a few who haven't forgotten - they bravely travel the world.

With a click of a button you not only empower the men & women capturing the world's highs and lows, you help a charity - outside your sphere of influence - reach their goal(s).

Finding that perfect something that just pulls the room together - that accent just above your mantle, your nook, or kitchen, living room, and family room helps a charity make a real impact in a far off land - perhaps even the land your print is made of.

Q: What do the charities receive?
The charity will receive 25% of each print sold.

Q: How can I contribute my photographs for print?
Purchasing a print is not the only way you can make a difference. Travel to the furthest reaches of the globe - be one of the untethered! Knowing that your sacrifices will be rewarded, capture the tragic and fortunate. Bring back stories and memories. Bring back your creations. Bring back future promises.
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Q: I have the perfect space, but don't know if my print(s) will fit?
We have all been there! We are providing an AR viewer that will help. Size.link is a browser that helps by projecting a 3D box (accuracy within 1cm-2cm) on that perfect spot. Just click on the size you would like to purchase and you are off to the races. Try the AR viewer now

Q: How are donations made?
Primarily through Paypal! If you are a local charity hoping to receive Paypal-based donations, you will need to setup an account with them. Here is their FAQ to help initiate that process

Q: When will my print arrive?
We ship worldwide and shipping time will vary based on your location, please check out detailed shipping guide here

Q: How are charities selected?
We vet all potential non-profits we support by reviewing how they operate and understanding how the funds are spent. Clear financial records and management will be required from all.

In addition to vetting the non-profits ourselves, we want to build a community of caring travelers and globally-aware customers. We will be asking our community to nominate and vote on non-profits. As we’ll be supporting a new charity each month, it will be great to hear from you about what causes are important. Have a charity you'd like to nominate? You can do that here